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Asked October 10, 2016, 7:13 PM EDT

I built a raised bed 2 summers ago and have not tended to it very well. I'd like to rip everything out, plant some cover crop this winter, and resume gardening in the spring. How can I know what deficiencies my soil may have or what the best cover crop would be?

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Do not feel guilty. Life happens. By all means, rip everything out and start fresh. Here are a couple OSU Extension publications to help you. Cover Crops for Home Gardens will give you more information regarding cover crops. Rather than worry about soil deficiencies right now, plant a cover crop mix that you should be able to find at your local garden store. At some point you will want to test the pH of the soil. But if the soil is growing weeds, it will grow vegetables. There is more information regarding soil testing in this OSU Extension publication, Growing Your Own. It will answer a lot of your gardening questions and get you off to a fresh start. Happy gardening.