Cyanide in wild mushrooms

Asked October 10, 2016, 7:00 PM EDT

Hi, I recently found Grifola frondosa (sheep's head) growing under a cherry tree. I had concerns about it possibly absorbing cyanide from the cherry tree. I ordered an at home test but the results were inconclusive. With some research I learned the mushroom naturally produces low amounts of cyanide. But is it safe? In what circumstances could this be dangerous? I was wondering if you had any conclusive information about this or could direct me to get an answer. Thank you

Jefferson County Pennsylvania

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I sent this question to a mushroom expert. I'll get back to you, but I would hold off on using the mushroom until you know for certain. Here is a link to the Eastern Pennsylvania Mushroom Club. They have a "contact" button, and may also be able to help.