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Asked October 10, 2016, 11:27 AM EDT

I'd like to identify this plant - images attached. The flowers are very much like Centranthus ruber / valerian and it grows in similar places, however the foliage is different.

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Thank you for contacting eXtension. To help direct your question to the appropriate expert, please resubmit with some details about the plant you would like identified. Where is it located geographically? How tall is it? What is the size of a leaf? What is the size of a blossom? Any other descriptive things you can include will be helpful.

The plant grows in southern United Kingdom, the leaves are around 5-7cm long and the larger bloom pictured is about 5cm across. The stems are about 60cm long and trail over a wall and downwards rather than being upright, giving the plant a weeping appearance.

More information may help us identify your plant, though you might find it as easy to ask at a local garden center, as they can see a piece of the plant rather than only photos.
Considering the possibilities, such as a pink jasmine or even Fuchsia paniculata, this still is more likely to be one of the valerian, or Centranthus. Centranthus lecoqii shows on the internet as being sold in the UK, and there are other Centranthus, though not likely to be grown in gardens.
More photos will be helpful, showing the flowers and the whole plant from different angles. Also, is it evergreen? What do the seedpods or spend flower heads look like? Are they the same as the Centrantus ruber?