fall fertilizer vs more grass seed

Asked October 10, 2016, 10:04 AM EDT

This summer, end of July, I put down seed for our new yard. I used 2 different types of seed (I know, I've since learned from that mistake) so there is a noticeable difference in color, ha! I need to put down more seed (I will use one of the two seed types I mentioned from above to continue to blend it) but this is my question - should I put down a winter fertilizer and wait until spring to put more grass seed down or put more grass seed down and put out a spring fertilizer or is there a fertilizer that I can do both?? This yard is located in Virginia, MN. When we had the dirt delivered, there must have been quite a lot of weed seeds in it. I took a sample weed to the local feed/seed shop and the guy thought it was a form of crabgrass. We went on vacation in August and when we came back, the weed type had grown to well over a foot!! Thanks so much!

St. Louis County Minnesota

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See http://www.extension.umn.edu/garden/yard-garden/lawns/fertilizing-lawns/
I quote directly from that page:

"In addition, an application of fertilizer in late October or early November, when top growth is minimal but when soil temperatures are still warm enough for nitrogen absorption, plants resume growth and green-up early the following spring without the excessive shoot growth associated with early spring nitrogen applications."

Thus, you can definitely fertilize yet this Fall. It is good to do so.

Seeding is a different thing. To quote again, this time from:

"Early fall is the best time of year for lawn renovation because environmental conditions are favorable and weed competition is much lower than in spring. In Minnesota, the best time for seeding is between mid-August and mid-September. Reseeding then allows the lawn to establish before winter arrives."

One last U of M web site to look at:

You could dormant seed mid-November. The key here is that you do not seed now because we might have warm enough weather for the seed to germinate and a cold night would kill all the baby grasses.