Suckers from Bradford Pear

Asked October 9, 2016, 5:39 PM EDT

Our beautiful Bradford Pear lost a huge chunk out of the middle last winter, so we cut the rest of it down in the spring and then had the stump ground up this summer. Now we have myriad suckers coming up in that area. Before we plant grass to cover, what is best to get rid of the suckers--dig out the roots, put triclopyr where they remain or what?

Washington County Tennessee

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Just mow them with the lawn, every time you mow. That will eventually do it. Bradford pears can be a pretty bad weed, so stay after it. They are spread by the birds and those sprouts can be thorny.

The broadleaf weed and brush killers will work too. It may take several applications. Stay away from the Roundup/glyphosate herbicides. They kill grass too.

You can grub out the roots, but you will not get them all.