Asked October 9, 2016, 4:02 PM EDT

I am a registered nurse and live and work in the community. I am working on a project for a class I am taking and would like to talk to someone about Cardiovascular disease prevention within Osceola County, Michigan. Is this class available in my area? Can I get more information, in general, on this particular lesson and any others that may assist the community in my area to gain knowledge on health lifestyles and cardiovascular disease? Thank you for your assistance! Luci Jarvis, RN

Osceola County Michigan

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Dear Ms. Jarvis,
In order to answer your question, someone will need more background than what was currently provided. I'm unsure as to the class you are referring to. It's clear to me that you are currently in a class and that you are asking about a class. I'm not sure if these classes are different. If they ARE different, can you share the name of the class you have questions about? As for who to talk to about cardiovascular disease, if you're looking to find out more, your local health department might be a good choice, as would your primary care physician.