Staghorn Sumac trees - small and few leaves

Asked October 9, 2016, 1:18 PM EDT

Hi I hope this is the proper place to ask garden question. I have staghorn sumacs in the east side of my home. The leaves are small and few, compared to new shoots that come up from the ground. Is there anything I can feed them to get them back or it is time to cull the herd?
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Washoe County Nevada

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If the majority of the plant is looking healthy and well it may be time to prune out the old. Although you may want to look at your watering and possibly add some compost this fall. Then see how the old canes come back next year. Feeding the soil is always a good idea going into winter. It will help keep soil temperatures warmer, reduce moisture loss and feed the soil which will in turn feed the plant.
The staghorn performs the best with a little more moisture than other sumacs.