Overseeding in the Fall

Asked October 9, 2016, 12:27 PM EDT

I know overseeding in the fall is desirable for a standard home lawn (mixture of bluegrass, fescue, rye) but I am wondering if I waited too long this year. It is currently 10/9/2016 and we are getting some frost in the evening. Is it still a good time to see benefitrs from aeration, overseeding or both?

Washington County Minnesota

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The two references below should be of help, the first on lawn renovation in general and the second on dormant seeding.



As you can see, we are right in the middle of the window for fall renovation/ seeding and dormant seeding. If you seeded now, the seeds might germinate just in time to be killed by a freeze.

It's best to either dormant seed in November or wait until Spring.

Aeration is best done in late summer or early Fall. It allows for air, rain and nutrients to enter the soil and also allows for root growth. It's not clear at this time how many of those benefits will occur.