Transplanting dwarf mugho pines

Asked October 8, 2016, 11:56 AM EDT

Hello, I would like to transplant some dwarf mugho pines from the north face of my house as they don't get enough sun where they're at. They were planted about 14 years ago. To replace them I've got Yew plants bought earlier this summer that are still in their pots. What's the best way to transplant to give the pines the best chance of survival and the yews a good start? Thank you!

Carlton County Minnesota

1 Response

It can be difficult to move trees and shrubs that are as mature as those you mentioned. Please consider the following information before you do it:

We have passed the optimum time for fall planting of evergreens so it's important to deal with the yews as soon as possible. Plant them now in their permanent location. If that's not possible, sink the pots into the ground up to the brim in a sheltered location and plant them in the spring. Cover the roots with mulch and water the pots well until the ground freezes.