Wild ornamental grasses

Asked October 7, 2016, 2:41 PM EDT

I have a few ornamental grasses in my back yard that I like but they seem to grow more monstrous each year. I worry about them growing too much and then dying off.

I trim them every February down to the ground level. Is that the right time of year to do that? Are there any steps I should be taking in the fall to care for them?

Also, I have been digging out chunks of them down to the roots and transplanting them. It works! I wonder if there is any potential harm to the main plant, however.

Baltimore County Maryland

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The best time to prune the plants is in the spring as soon as you see new growth at the base. You can prune back to within several inches of the ground.
There is no special care in the fall. The grasses provide winter interest.

Many grasses require thinning or dividing to keep them looking their best. Older clumps may flop or grow too large for the space or may die out in the center. If you see this, then you can divide in the spring as soon as you see signs of active growth. There is no harm to the main plant.