Mugo pine dropping needles

Asked October 7, 2016, 1:14 PM EDT

My mugo pine (3.5 ft. diameter, 2.5 ft. tall, full sun) needles dying from bottom and inside. The crown looks good. Our stretch of 90+ degree weather, or too little/too much water? Thank you for your attention. William Tygrett

Jefferson County Kentucky

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Many evergreens, including mugo pines tend to do this as they get older. The older stems become trunks or larger branches as the tips keep producing new growth. the pattern of older, interior needles dropping is therefor common.

Pruning back branches would not be helpful as the tips should have been cut at the candle stage each year to keep the growth low and compact. Enjoy the growth as it takes on the character and structure of these beautiful pines.

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