Can you help me identify this and tell me what treatment? The leaves are on...

Asked October 7, 2016, 9:22 AM EDT

Can you help me identify this and tell me what treatment? The leaves are on pear trees I planted abut two years ago Kip Backscheider

Clermont County Ohio

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What type of pear tree did you plant?
Have you seen any insects, may be extremely small? ie. spider mites

I planted three--two seckel pears and one a"Starkling Pear Standard" All three from Stark Bros. Nursery. They recommended removing the affected leaves ( which would be every leaf) and using a product they sell. I am reluctant to remove every leaf. Have seen no insects--- every leaf has black spots --some covering almost the entire leaf--also many areas which look like a white powder --although it does not come off as a powder would. The leave now feel very dry --as if they are about to fall. Attached are three more photos which I just took Thank you for your ideas Kip Backscheider

One of the biggest problems in fruit tree production is prevention. Many of the disease or fungus found can be prevented but not cured. Please reference the following manual to help with home fruit spray prevent guide from OSU, Purdue and other universities.

It appears that there are multiple problems with the pear tree.
You do have an insect problem. Webs between leaf and branch and looks like egg larva on one of the leaves at the stem. Additionally, frog eye leaf spot and scab.

The nursery is correct, you do need to remove the damaged area and throw it away. As the leaves fall this season, rake them up and throw them away too. DO NOT COMPOST!

If you would like to send in a sample to the Plant Diagnostic lab, we can do that too from our office. In the future, OSU Extension Clermont County is located on the Clermont County Fairgrounds in Owensville or you may contact directly at the information below.

Thank you