Grubs in vegetable garden

Asked October 6, 2016, 3:11 PM EDT

I have been removing dying veg plants from my garden. This past summer i lost several tomato plants due to cut worms which I discovered after the fact. I have attached a picture of the most recent worms. I have used diatomaceous earth, coffee grounds, eggshells and installing can around the plants. These were 3 inches into the ground. In a 10 foot row I find more than 50 grubs. The birds are always present when I start to dig! Is there something I can do now to decrease the number in the soil now? I previously submitted this info but have not received and feedback.

Howard County Maryland

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Cutworm damage can be a problem in the spring when young,tender plants first appear from seed or on a young seedling. They will chew the main stem at ground level. The insect pictured are grubs or larval stages of beetles. There are many species, including the Japanese beetle,Oriental beetle,European beetle, etc.As the soil temperature falls ,the grubs will dig deeper into the soil to overwinter. They will feed on the roots of plants in late summer and again or their way up in late spring.They are more of a problem in lawn turf at this stage. The adult may be a problem in mid-summer feeding on the leaves on some vegetables.We would not suggest any treatment at this stage, let the birds have them.