Out of county participation

Asked October 6, 2016, 12:26 AM EDT

I would like to have my daughters join a 4H group that is out of our area. Is there a rule on joining a 4H group out of our county of residence? Can we participate in an animal project at a fair that is out of our county of residence?

Midland County Michigan

1 Response

Hello! Yes you can be in a 4-H Club out of County as long as it is a different project area. For example - you can be in a 4-H Horse Project Club in one County and a Dog 4-H Club member in another. You can not be in a Dog 4-H Club in both Counties. One County will be your primary in paying the $10 membership fee and you do not have to pay it twice. Make sure your local 4-H County offices are aware. You will have to check with your Fair project animal rulings and if the they are 4-H Fairs or County Youth Fairs. Thank you.