Plants near a sand filter (for a septic field)

Asked October 5, 2016, 6:42 PM EDT

Can you please tell me what plants/shrubs/trees should not be planted near or on a sand filter for a septic field? Conversely, are there plants which would be beneficial to plant near the sand filters of a septic field?

Jefferson County Montana

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Really, the only plants that are recommended over drain fields are those with short roots. Cool season grasses really only have a root system that is 4"-6" deep. So they are the best recommendation. Other forbs and perennials can be planted. however, be sure that they don't have an aggressive or deep root system. I recommend

Here is a good resource from the University of Minnesota with a good list of plants. You can bring this to your local nursery to see if they are compatible in your area. They also may have other suggestions.