American Elm Varieties

Asked October 5, 2016, 5:10 PM EDT

We have a homeowner in our community who is interested in planting a DED resistant variety of American Elm. My limited research shows that there are a few resistant varieties including Valley Forge, New Harmony and Princeton. Our community would like to know if there are any recommendations, cautions or state regulations regarding Elm Trees. We are also aware of "Yellow Elm" disease spread by leafhoppers. We don't want to approve a tree that will be a hazard or attractive nuisance, but on the other hand would love to have the Elm back. Can you lend any clarity to this issue? Thank you

Frederick County Maryland

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The new DED resistant American elm varieties are not a hazard that we are aware of. They are beautiful trees and should be fine for you. Keep in mind that all trees have possible pests and diseases, and the primary strategy to keeping them healthy is getting their roots well established by correct planting and watering the first 2 years at least.

These links may be helpful as you decide:

Availability may make your decision for you.