Treating Elm Trees for Elm Disease

Asked October 5, 2016, 12:52 PM EDT

Hello, I live in Baltimore City next to Herring Run Park. (21214) This year, I lost an elm tree in my yard to Dutch Elm disease. I have several other elms on my property that are still alive and healthy. I would like to treat the trees to prevent them from getting diseased in the future but the cost is just too high. (I was quoted $250 per tree for 3 trees) And it is my understanding that they would then need to be treated every year. Are there any grants or programs that help homeowners with these kinds of costs? Thank you,

Baltimore Maryland

2 Responses

We are not aware of any grant to help homeowners treat elms. You do not mention what species of elm you have. If they are American elms, organizations devoted to perpetuating American elms, which you can search online, may be a source of information, however they are primarily interested in American elms with good resistance to Dutch elm disease.

Siberian elm is considered a non-native invasive plant, and we're sure you would not find any help with them.


Great response. Thank you!