Where to go to learn how to Artificially Inseminate Sheep

Asked October 4, 2016, 5:11 PM EDT

We are in Missouri and are willing to travel outside the state. We can also spend a few days in class but are unavailable for long terms or sessions. Where can we find something close? We are having no luck on our own.

Laclede County Missouri

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There are fewer opportunities in the sheep industry to learn AI than with other livestock species. This is largely due to sheep AI being inherently more complex in nature where collecting and preserving semen and breeding can be challenging. The two techniques employed are trans-cervical AI and laproscopic (surgery) AI. Laproscopic AI results are generally higher in conception rates while traditional trans-cervical results are significantly lower..

Are you interested in Laproscopy AI or the trans-Cervical AI?

There are likely AI technicians in your area if you are not opposed to the idea of letting someone else provide that service. If you are interested in learning more about reproductive technology for sheep, I agree that a training or certificate would be the best option.

There are opportunities to learn but they can be hard to find and somewhat cost prohibitive. There are also some traveling classes that will come to you, however they may require a minimum number of participants to make it worth their trip.

Please email me at Chris.Shelley@colostate.edu for specific contact information of AI educational opportunities.

I would also check with your local Extension Office to see if they know of anything close to home.