Cutworms in vegetable garden

Asked October 4, 2016, 2:37 PM EDT

I have had these "cutworms" all summer in my garden. I have added coffee grounds, crushed egg shells and diatamaceous earth liberally. I also use collars on most of my vegetable plants. These grubs were picked today in a section 6 feet long.

Howard County Maryland

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These are not cutworms,they are white grubs. They are the larval stages of several beetles species that will overwinter in the soil. They feed on the roots of plants in late summer and again in late spring. Your vegetables are basically annuals, there is no need to treat with any pesticides at this stage.The adults may be more of a problem,feeding on the leaves of plants. Grub damage can become a problem when populations exceed 8 to 10 per square foot.