How much salt in a gallon of artificial saline

Asked October 3, 2016, 8:10 PM EDT

How much salt - in teaspoons - should I put in a gallon of water to make artificial saline? I plan to soak my feet in it. The sugars and minerals can be played with, but salt content is supposed to be important, I knew people who used to make this and use it in various ways.

Franklin County Ohio

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I have only ever soaked feet in Epsom Salt and that is one cup per gallon, although you will find many proposed "recipes". I don't know if there is any scientific literature to suggest that one is better than another. There isn't any that I can find.

There are some recipes that seem reasonable at the following link as well:

These kind of recipes were used on people at one time. I lived with doctors who used these kind of remedies along with a small amount of antibiotic. I wince about these MERSA cases. No mention of lard was mentioned in relationship with horses, This was a common ingredient in these potions, for people anyway. There was an alternative story to Genesis in some heretic's bibles, that human beings were hybrids of some sort, some combination of pig and ape. That is called The First Major Heresy. There are two more. Pig parts are definitely used. There are a lot of anatomical similarities.

I'm sorry we can't be of more assistance, but I am not familiar with anything else other than what I have shared.