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Asked October 3, 2016, 7:28 PM EDT

brandon armstrong
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i live in klamath falls, oregon. high desert country. for years i drove a route for the local news-paper. i had a rural route which included areas like bly mt. the sunday paper was a morning paper, so i had to go pick up and deliver in the middle of the night. it always seemed to be that one hour before dawn there would be a cold snap. this was regardless of the weather or season, although obviously it felt worse in winter.
was this just my imagination, or was the temperture dropping as what little heat escaped, then was rapidly re-heated by the dawn? mind you that this was sudden; it wasn't just getting steadily colder until sunrise. i wouldn't be surprised if the thin air caused a layer inversion or some-such. thank you, BA

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I'm attaching a link to a blog that describes similar phenomena in the Great Basin:

We are supposed to use scientific info, here is a link for that:

it will take a bit more thinking for the second one. Here in KF we are in a giant basin- makes the inversion more pronounced when it happens, becuase there is no "away" for the colder air to go.
I hope you find this information helpful. Have a great day, Nicole

thanks for answering my question. the link to the less technical page is not working. could you send me the text by email? BA

hmm... maybe it's the period after. I googled "watching the world wake up great basin inversion" and it came right up, same site but without the period. Hope that works, Nicole