Asked October 3, 2016, 5:23 PM EDT

This flower or plant just appeared this summer. My grandma and mom said they thought it was a lily. But it has never bloomed and is just getting bigger. Please help me figure out what this is!? Thanks!

Putnam County Tennessee

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The plant is a type of Caladium. It will flower, however the flower will resemble a single spike with a single petal surrounding the central spike.

So, it's in the family of the oh so famous, elephant ear? Is this also known as a wild flower, because it literally just came up right in the middle of my flowers after I planted them this summer. It's a pretty 'plant', I have been waiting for it to bloom all summer. Will it die off in the fall/winter?

Yes, they are a.k.a. the elephant ear, heart of jesus, and angels wings. They grow from tubers. So, when the temps drop consistently below 60 degrees you can cut any remaining foliage and dig up the tubers and store them in a cool dry place during the winter months, Planting of the tubers can be done after the last late frost of early spring.

Awesome. Thank you! (: so, I have another off this topic question, other than mums, what are good fall flowers? I heard pansy's, are and is there any others?

Just wanted to note that those leaves look more like white-spotted Calla lily (Zantedeschia albomaculata), which has a flower similar to the caladiums. I don't know if it would bloom in your climate.