Hi is last week in Oct ok to cut back orient grasses (the tall ones) We are...

Asked October 3, 2016, 4:27 PM EDT

Hi is last week in Oct ok to cut back orient grasses (the tall ones) We are snow birds and want to cut everything back before we leave. It 6-10 above base good to cut by? Also have a trumpet flower (I grew from a Fla. cutting (looks the same as northern one) can I plant it in the ground now & will it come up next year here in Ohio. Also have throne type cactus how to I cover them to keep them in the ground over winter? Thanks Pat

Lake County Ohio

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hello Pat

Yes you can cutback the ornamental grass late October. A height of 6-10 inches will be good.

I have a trumpet plant which I keep in a large pot outside late spring through early fall. You cannot put this trumpet plant in the ground now as the temperature/snow will kill the plant. It should be kept in an area above freezing such as a basement or heated garage. The leaves will yellow, brown and fall off leaving just the trunk and stems. The soil should be kept moist, if not the plant will die. If there is someone who can water the plant in the garage or basement to keep the soil from drying out completely it can survive. Sticking your finger into the soil will tell you if the plant needs water, very dry not moist, water.

Cactus can be overwintered. You should stop watering the plant(s) 3-4 weeks prior to your leaving home so the soil is completely dry. You can check to be sure the soil is dry by putting your finger in the soil to feel moisture or not. Wet soil will cause the cactus to rot. After you have dried out the soil the plant(s) can be put in a dark area for many months. A basement is a good spot for this. Temperature of 45 degrees F. will be good.

Connie O