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Dear Sirs,

It is no secret that beekeeping is currently on a difficult stage of its development. External conditions prevailing in agriculture and on Earth in general, lead beekeeping, and perhaps all of us, down the path of gradual extinction and mortality. However, not everything is lost and there are still chances for revival.

Along with the professional beekeeping, amateur beekeeping now becomes of considerable importance. It is thanks to amateurs, the bees inhabit cities, parks, forests and meadows. They are the people that enable bees to pollinate wild plants freely, while maintaining their diversity. That is why it is so important to assist non-professional beekeepers and attract new members to amateur beekeeping.

We, for our part, want to make a small contribution to this important process of preserving life on Earth. We set ourselves the task to provide all beekeepers, in the first place amateurs, with the opportunity to work with the bees at the contemporary technical level. Large number of programs and smartphone applications either bypass beekeeping, or are just too costly for nonprofessionals. And beekeepers continue to run their affairs by old and accustomed methods, although there is certainly a modern device – smartphone allowing to increase their opportunities - in the pocket of every one of them. Until now, we used a smartphone mainly as a device for the exchange of information, while not using its ability to 100%.

We decided to use all of its audio capability features – to work with acoustic signals. In our case, the acoustic signals of bees. We resolved to use its processor, memory, input-output devices of acoustic and video information for the measurement and processing of acoustic signals of bees and for converting them into video information that beekeepers can understand, and which would allow the beekeeper to quickly assess the status of bee colonies. And now we are ready to present our new line of autonomous device of acoustic control of bees, placed into a regular smartphone with Android operational system.

We have invested into this development the knowledge and expertise of scientists and beekeepers from around the world, we put in our own modest experience and proficiency of development engineers with 20-years experience. We are going to offer our device for a small, affordable price for everybody. We hope that the price of 20-30 euros or dollars would allow almost every beekeeper to buy such a device. And this is the offer considering the possibility of a remote control! We deliberately set such a low price, to help all of us in the tasks of preservation and reproduction of bees in Europe and in the world.

We would be delighted and immensely grateful to you for any help and support that you could give to our project. We would appreciate if you can make beekeepers in your area aware of our development. We will be happy to tell you everything about our devices and demonstrate them to you, your friends and colleagues. We would be glad if you could give us any help in further improvements of our devices and the development of new models, the ideas of which we have postponed for now, because of a lack of opportunities.

With expressions of the highest esteem

and hope for fruitful cooperation

Sergei Borisov

development engineer and beekeeper



Outside United States

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Mr Borisov,
Thank you for you message. This forum is not for solicitation or support of any items offered for sale. It is for the resolution of questions made to the forum by its participants.

I will however forward your message to those who may be of interest of your product.