Protecting ivy with plastic

Asked October 2, 2016, 5:22 PM EDT

I often have had problem with deer eating english ivy plants in large landscaping area. This winter I will be gone for couple months. Like to know if could cover plants with large plastic obtained from lumber yard. Suspect could be concern with sufficating plants even though dormant in winter. Winder if poked holes in the plastic would allow ventilation and not harm plants. FYI do plan to use predator device to deter deer but understand they can become use to the sound and it no longer be effective. Any other ideas?

Clinton County Michigan

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Covering your ivy plants with plastic would not be a good solution for the health of your ivy plants. Deer may become accustomed to protective devices or products that use sound, light, or scent. Fencing is probably the most effective solution for your situation, whether you place fencing around the outside edges of the bed containing the ivy, or place black plastic deer 'fence' over the plants. The plastic deer fence can be laid on top of the plants. It would probably be easiest for you to plan to leave that fencing in place indefinitely as it is difficult not to damage the plants if you try to remove it in the spring .

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