4h shooting sports Jefferson or nearby counties

Asked October 2, 2016, 12:31 PM EDT

I have 3 daughters that would like to participate in shooting sports. I found an archery program in bullitt co but can find nothing for shooting and gun safety. Is there anything in our area and if not, how could one get started?

Jefferson County Kentucky

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Bullitt County offers both and archery and shooting sports program, or at least they did recently. You can reach them at (502) 543-2257.

In Louisville/Jefferson County, we have an archery program. Those clubs have not started up this year, so if you are interested, contact our office to inquire about joining. Due to a Metro ordinance, we are not allowed to have a shooting sports club with rifles or other guns. So you would have to go to another county for that and we typically refer people to Bullitt County.