Asked October 1, 2016, 4:45 PM EDT

Hi, I want to know if I could plant a Wegelia bush in my front garden. I ask because I think they can get quite large. I have the space to plant a small one next Spring, but I wasn't sure about the root system. I have some azaleas in this garden and I plant other annuals and perennials in this area. I am thinking that maybe it might need more space to grow. Thanks, Sharyn D

Baltimore County Maryland weigelia shrub weigelia size

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Weigelias can get as large as 6 (and up to 9) feet tall and wide. However, there are many varieties available on the market, including dwarf varieties. If you really want to plant one, look for one whose size fits your needs. That information should be on the label of the plant. Read carefully. Sometimes labels give you the size it will be in 10 year and/or with yearly pruning! Look for the final size. You may have to search online to find your answer, once you have found a shrub you like.


Thank you