Box blight

Asked October 1, 2016, 1:06 PM EDT

I just found out I might have boxwood blight in 2 of 3 English dwarf boxwoods. Is there any chance of them surviving or should I remove them? Also one of my wintergreen boxwoods looks like half the bush might have it. Can I cut out the brown part and hope it survives? Thanks.

Carroll County Maryland

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All boxwoods with boxwood blight need to be dug up and destroyed. Or bagged and sent to the dump. Be sure to get rid of all the fallen leaves, too. Defoliation is a symptom of boxwood blight. Please read through the information on our website which gives tips and directions: This is a highly infectious disease and infects other plants besides boxwood. If you are not certain your boxwoods have Boxwood blight, please send us photos of them and our plant pathologist can look at them.

If we understand you question correctly, the photo is not one of the Dwarf English boxwoods mentioned. This boxwood does not have boxwood blight. The orange coloring indicates stress. Please look over the symptoms in our "Boxwood IPM" for possibilities: