Sticker Burrs in Sandy Area

Asked October 1, 2016, 9:25 AM EDT

I have a large sandy area that occasionally floods next to our swimming hole on the Pedernales River. In the sunny part it is full of sticker burrs. I have heard that native grass should eventually compete those away. I have used pre=emergent spray. Is there any native grass that I could plant that would do a good job of competing the sticker burrs? Also best pre-emergent to use and spraying schedule?

Blanco County Texas

1 Response

Sandburs are a real problem in our area. If they are real bad you need to wait until the spring and start applying a pre emergent after it warms up , mid March and apply every 6 weeks through out the summer and into the fall. Make sure you water it in. As far as a good grass , maybe buffalo grass. A well maintained lawn will choke out the sandbur . Fertilizer, water, etc.