Semi-Dwarf Apple Trees

Asked October 1, 2016, 8:40 AM EDT

Hello :) I just purchased two semi dwarf apple trees from Lowes here in Danville- A McIntosh and a Liberty apple. I am new to growing apple trees and would like as much information about them and how to properly care for them as I can get. I have planted them in my mother's back yard, about 13 ft apart from one another. Do they need to be staked? What are some of the pest and disease prevention techniques/products I need to do? When and how do I prune? Etc. Any help/information would be much appreciated- Thank you! :)

Boyle County Kentucky

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Great questions! We have all that information at our Boyle Co. office. Please call Alexis on Monday and she can send you all the info you need to grow successful trees! 8592364484