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Asked October 1, 2016, 5:58 AM EDT

1) In the Vegetable Garden planning section there is a chart entitled "Vegetable Garden Planting/Harvest Calendar". Can I use that for my location in Lewes? Should I adjust it in any way? I live about a mile from the beach. 2) Putting in raised beds for my vegetable garden. How deep would you recommend them to be? Thanks, Joan

Sussex County Delaware

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Can you tell me what planning guide you are using? if it is a product of U of D or Del State it should be accurate. Here is a document on vegetable garden basics for Delaware and for raised bed information see and for a list of plants for the home garden see

All 3 links do not work. Is it possible for you to just tell me how deep a raised bed vegetable garden should be.

Hi Joan,
Sorry about the links. One foot is an ideal depth for raised beds. For references try
and scan to for "For complete guide, click here"
and scan to Suggested Vegetables for Home Gardens and Raised Bed Gardening.

If these don't work try cutting and pasting them into your browser.