Do horses dislike certain people?

Asked September 30, 2016, 3:33 PM EDT

Is it possible for a horse to just dislike someone? My daughter's horse riding instructor has reported him biting her and I have witnessed him for no reason pinning his ears back when she approaches. He has not shown aggression to anyone else, but she is recommending he be put in a "Kick ass class; no treats, cuddling or spoiling!" She says he is sensing weakness and learning to take over, but he rides very obediently, never shows aggression to my daughter, mother, aunt, uncle, cousin, the vet and no one else that we know of. Before spending a ton of money to have him trained by the instructor he only acts up with, I had to inquire.

Jefferson Parish Louisiana

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The answer is yes, but most horse don't exhibit that type of behavior unless they have been treated in a a negative manner.
Your trainer either has done something to the horse in a physical manner or pushed the horse during training or using a training method that causes pain or discomfort to the horse. I would seek the help of a credible Natural Horsemanship practitioner.
Fran Hancock in Sulpher, La, is a great one. She has many students and a good following as well.