Dogwood affected by de-icer salt (?) - old growth leaves brown at tips

Asked September 30, 2016, 3:01 PM EDT

Hello, I am looking as to how to get my young Dogwood tree back to healthy. •Name, age and/or size of plant - Dogwood (white blossom), approx. 2 yrs, old, about 5 feet tall •When was the problem was first noted - summer of this year •What part of the plant is affected? - original leaf growth (there are new branches/leaves sprouting •Have symptoms progressed or changed? The symptoms changed over a period of time this year •Growing conditions (full sun, part shade, shade, windy, salt spray, etc.) - Full sun. After the big snow early this year and salting sidewalk-shoveled snow was thrown on the lawn bed where tree is planted •Soil problems (compacted soil, construction activity, poor drainage) - No soil problem. Minor construction next door with slight oil spillage also. •Pesticide and fertilizer applications - No pesticides. Mulching

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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Based on your photos it looks like the foliage of the dogwood has been affected by a leaf scorch. Dogwood trees are understory trees and grow best in morning sun and afternoon shade. In full sun they will require more moisture during dry periods. They do not like droughty periods. You will have to water during dry periods up until the ground freezes.

It would be helpful to remove the brick and the grass from around the base of the tree out to the drip line. There is a lot of competition for moisture and nutrients with the grass. Mulch out to the drip line with no more than several inches of mulch and keep the mulch from the base of the trunk. You should also look for the flare at the base of the trunk where it joins the root system. If not visible, then the tree may be planted too deeply.