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Asked September 30, 2016, 1:16 PM EDT

I have extensive lawn damage in front and side yard. Had grubs late last year and treated them. I have not treated for grubs since. Was a long, hot, dry summer this year. I dug in three different spots of the lawn looking for grubs this week, last week of September, but I could not find any grubs. Is it possible to have grubs without being able to see them. I dug down 2, 3, 4" and maybe 3" by 4" area. I didn't see any grubs. Lawn appearance would indicate grubs, but usually I can see them.

Morris County New Jersey lawns and turf

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It is difficult to tell without seeing a sample of your lawn turf grass. The problem could be heat and drought, or disease, bot of which were very widespread this summer and early fall. If you applied grub control, you may not always see them, especially this time of year. I would suggest taking a sample in to your local Cooperative Extension office to check for disease. Otherwise, just rake out thatch and over-seed in the next week, now that conditions are more favorable for the growth of lawn turf.

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