What is this plant?

Asked September 30, 2016, 12:52 PM EDT

I have looked through multiple wildflower, weed, and cultivated flower books-- and have not found this plant. We have lived here three years and haven't seen it in flower. We found a similar rosette in a garden flower book (they gave it the common name blue-eyed mary and said it spreads with a creeping rootstock. I dug up some and didn't find any creeping rootstocks. We'd like to know what it is so we can properly managed it.

Brown County Minnesota

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I don't know for sure but it looks sort of like a plantain. Here is a link to compare. If anyone else recognizes it I will let you know. http://www.illinoiswildflowers.info/weeds/plants/cm_plantain.htm . If you like it and it doesn't seem to be too aggressive or invasive then keep it otherwise you can pull it or spray it.

Thank you for your response. It does have some similarities to plantain, but it isn't that. My unknown plant grows in shaded areas- preferring woodlands or their edges. Our plantain is found in the sunny areas of our lawn, garden, and disturbed areas. I include a couple of images- one showing how dense the populations can become and the other comparing the unknown with plantain. My wife and I both have extensive backgrounds in botany, but the id of this plant perplexes us. We would appreciate any further help you could give us.

This plant looks similar to Brunnera macrophylla, or false forget-me-knots. http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/PlantFinder/PlantFinderDetails.aspx?kempercode=a210

However, it may be first-year Rudbeckia plants growing from nearby plants that dropped their seeds. The first-year plants started from seed typically do not bloom, but produce roots and leaves only. They may bloom next year.