Which species of Orchid grows the fastest from propagation? And how long does it take to grow fully?

Asked September 29, 2016, 8:14 AM EDT

I wish to know from an expert how long it takes to grow an orchid from asexual/vegetative propagation. And which species or type of orchid grows the fastest.
I live in Britain and it's currently Autumn meaning the climatic conditions like temperature, humidity and light will be on the non-idealistic side for growing Orchids. However I'm doing something for College and need to do this as fast as possible.
Thanks it advance, If you can't answer my question directly but can give me adivice or redirect me somewhere which can, I will be more than grateful.

Outside United States

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I am not an expert on asexual/vegetation propagation of orchids however I think I can direct you to someone who either is familiar or who might be the next step to finding the answer. We have dealt with the Kawamoto Orchid Nursery in Oahu, Hawaii for years. The mail address is 2630 Waiomao Rd, Honolulu HI 96816, United States. They have 2.5 acres of orchids under cultivation and have won numerous awards for their orchids. The owner’s name is Les Kawamoto and he and his son Reid are both expert growers. Their web address is http://kawamotoorchids.com. Once you go to the website click on the About Us link for a YouTube video about the nursery and orchids. They state that it takes about 5 years to first bloom on a new orchid.

There is an email address on the website but the one we have used in the past is orchids@kawamotoorchids.com.

The name and website indicates that they do orchid propagation on site and we were informed, when there, that they send their prize plants to Thailand for cloning.

I think that an email to either of the Mr. Kawamotos might either answer your questions or at least give you another contact.

Good luck with your project.


Thank you so much for your advice! I'll be sure to contact them, I'm sure it will be of great use to me and my project.

Thank you for spending the time to reply to my question.



I hope you get the information that you need from the Kawamotos and your project is a success.

Ask an Expert is a great program that allows communications across the ocean leading to contacts half way around the world. Thanks for using it.