Where can one purchase Thiram fungicide?

Asked September 28, 2016, 6:04 PM EDT

I am trying to find a way to stop mice, moles or voles from girdling some young trees we recently planted, as I experienced a high mortality rate last Winter thanks to the critters. An article, "Trees - protecting from rodent damage" published by the U of M, (a link from which brought me to this site), suggests using the fungicide "Thiram". I have contacted a local Ag supply company, who, in turn, contacted their nationwide representative cannot find the stuff available in this country. No luck on Amazon, either. Do you have a source for homeowner quantities, or is there another product you may suggest. Thanks

Fond du Lac County Wisconsin

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Thiram appears to be found as an ingredient in repellents. Here is a very good publication from the MN DNR including a list of repellents and the active ingredients:

Note Thiram is not in any products namely because if its toxicity to other animals and can cause health issues in humans: https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/www.agrian.com/pdfs/42-S_Thiram_Fungicide_MSDS1e.pdf
It appears Thiram is used more often in agriculture to protect seeds.