Is this a Japanese Apricot Tree

Asked September 28, 2016, 1:00 PM EDT

Three days ago, my husband and I discovered what appears to be apricots falling from a tree thats well over 60ft tall! Our house backs up to Patapsco State Park and share a wealth of wild life. We've lived in the house almost 10 years; we've recently cleared out fallen trees and debris and noticed a bunch of apricots behind our newly planted fruit tree orchard. Deer are eating the fruit and we would like an opportunity to eat some as well :-). Please see if the pictures below confirm it is indeed an apricot tree and if it is, can we consume the fruit? We've never used any pesticides in the area. Thank you

Howard County Maryland

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These are persimmons, which are one of the few native fruits in our area.
They have to be very ripe to be tasty. Earlier than that, they can be very astringent, until after the first frost.