Large mature Oak trees.

Asked September 27, 2016, 4:50 PM EDT

Our house was built in 1959 and the trees were here then . We think bore worms are killing them . Two have already died last January. Now we have. 3 that are close together have died . How can we find out if it is bore worms or if it is , how can we get rid of them so they don't kill the rest of our trees . We live in suburbs of Fort Worth Texas. Name. Cantwell. Email.

Tarrant County Texas

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Great question, we rarely find ourselves having trouble with bore worms in Oak Trees? If they are native oaks I would suggest possibly looking at Hypoxelon Canker first as the culprit? Do you see active bore hole in the bark that would lead you to believe borers are the culprit? has there been any digging or other major disturbance around the trees?

We are seeing a lot of decline on our native oaks as well from just the continued crazy weather accumulation from the last few years as well?