"Invadder" wild Burmuda grass in my lawn.

Asked September 27, 2016, 12:15 PM EDT

Please help!! My mixed Fescue 11/2 acre lawn is being choked more & more by a persistent wild Bermuda grass. I've kept the grass cutting height long to survive the hot summer, have a professional lawn care service and sprinkler system watering nightly with supplemental daytime watering when needed. But the wild Bermuda is spreading more & more--both above & below the ground surface. Is there anything practical available to stop the "invasion" without killing the rest of my once-beautiful lawn? Also, I just had the lawn aerated (plugged) & over-seeded.

Monmouth County New Jersey lawns and turf bermudagrass

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Bermuda grass is a fast growing warm season grass, that grows and spreads by means of stolons or underground stems. It can be very hard to get rid of in our lawns. It may require several tactics. First, favor the fescue lawn as much as you can, by keeping it healthy and mowing a bit higher, about 3 inch height. Bermuda grass is a much lower growing grass. The Bermuda grass prefers the warmth and sun, so try to shade it out a little with taller fescue. The fescue will come back in the fall during October and maybe crowd out the bermuda grass. It is not a good idea to water at night. You should always water early in the day, so the sun can dry the blades. Water only once or twice a week if there is no rain, so as to not favor disease in the fescue.

You can use selective herbicides that may help, but they will require multiple applications. Some examples are Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl, availalble as a Bayer product Bayer Advanced. There is also triclopyr, available as Monterey turflon ester. They will require repeated applications. The other, more radical choice is to kill the lawn and re-seed or sod.

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