Yellows leaves

Asked September 27, 2016, 7:20 AM EDT

Hi. I,ve a beautiful plant into my balcony. For a few months the leaves are becoming yellow and black and before, Black and dry. My plant is a jade plant. Thanks.

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Hello, thanks for using ask an Expert. Sunburn is very common in jade plants, especially is they have been kept inside and are then moved outdoors. Is this a possibility in your situation?

thank you, Nicole

the balcony is closed and the place has a warm climate.
the plant only recive the sunshine during two or three hours a day.
the plant is in the same place during several years. it has started making ill a few months ago.
Might it be too much water?
thanks very much.

thanks for the additional information. Here is a link to a good fact sheet on jade, you can check to make sure you are providing just what the plant likes:

From the pictures, I would not think too much water was the problem. Possibly, too little water. If you have not changed the amount of water, or the pot, for several years, consider that its possible the root system has used most of the resources in the soil in the pot. Once there is very little soil left, the water will run through quickly, and the jade roots cant absorb the water the same way, even if you are providing the same amount. In addition, limited resources in the soil could also cause the yellowing, which is particularly associated with low nitrogen.
It is suggested that jades are repotted when actively growing, so you might want to wait if necessary for that.
I hope you find this information helpful. There are very few diseases of jade, and your pictures do not appear to have any of the common insects known on the plants.
Sincerely, Nicole