Gardening; Rose bush not thriving

Asked September 26, 2016, 3:53 PM EDT

I have a yellow rose bush which always grew very well & had many blooms. The last two years it has not grown over about 3 inches tall; it still produces blooms but very weak & small. It has developed 4, what looks like to me, crowns in the ground. My thought is that it needs to be divided. Please help...

Campbell County Kentucky

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Good morning,
Based on your description it sounds like crown gall. I've attached a link with more information. From this, if this is what you see on your rose I would like to discuss further with you.
Thanks for reaching out to Campbell County Extension for your horticultural questions!

What you pictured is not what I was asking about. It actually looks like 4 different bushes growing very close together.
It took awhile to get the pictures, but I am attaching them so you can maybe see what I am talking about.

Good morning,
these pictures clearly explain what the issue is happening on your roses. the desirable rose has completely died and the growth is from the rootstock which is an undesirable rose variety. My suggestion would be to remove all of the plant including the roost.