Dutch Clover For Lawn

Asked September 26, 2016, 1:45 PM EDT

We just paid Lawn Dr to come kill off the weeds, aerate ,and seed our lawn but now that I've done some research I want to do a tall fescue lawn and mix in some Dutch Clover. All the information I've found on adding clover are from other hardiness zones. Will Dutch Clover work in our area and will the tall fescue choke out the clover if I do plant it? Most of my soil is awful, my main goal is to improve the quality of the soil.

Worcester County Maryland lawn dutch clover

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Tall fescue will not choke out the clover. Clover is a competitor and it usually just comes in. If you wanted to keep clover, you cannot spot treat to kill other weeds as it would kill the clover.
Also, It does not like the intense heat of summer and may go dormant during drought - in this regard it is similar to cool season turf grasses such as tall fescue. In extreme drought, large patches will likely die. Also, in the winter it goes dormant.
It may be easiest to go with a tall fescue lawn.
The best recommendation is to overseed in the fall to have a thick stand of turf. Test your soil if not done in the last several years. Results give pH, liming, and fertilization recommendations. You may want to test for organic matter in the soil.https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/soils/soil-testing
See our publications on lawn renovation and overseeding, fall fertilization, and our turfgrass maintenance calendar for more information on maintenance and care throughout the year.