Gardenia new growth but no blooms

Asked September 25, 2016, 11:20 PM EDT

How can I help my gardenia bloom? See attached photos A healthy plant was sent to me (800-FLOWERS) with new growth and buds about three weeks ago. I have it on my west facing garden window set in a bowl of wet stones but the plant's pot is elevated above the water level. Other plants for company and humidity are nearby. (I've read all i could find on the subject so I heed the warnings of overwatering, underwatering, moving the plant, dry air, etc.) CHANGE: In the last four days I've noticed bud stems browning (photo #2) and a few buds have fallen off. This concurrent with much new growth (photo #3) I don't want to lose this plant. I want BLOOMS! What else can I do to help it?

Baltimore County Maryland

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Gardenias can be trickly to grow, but are so worth the effort when they bloom.
Right now the plant looks pretty happy, and the new growth is a good sign.
Gardenias need bright light to do well. Your western window probably isn't bright enough. If you can situate it to get the brightest light possible, but no direct sunlight, move it. Behind a sheer curtain in an east or southern window would be better.
If you have a porch or a place outside out of direct sunlight, you could place it there during the day, but move it inside if we are are getting down much below 55 degrees.
Flower buds are encouraged to form when the plants are kept at around 55-65 degrees.


Would pruning help it? I'd hate to cut off new growth and most instructions say to prune after blooming. My plant has few flower buds left (in various stages of development). It has lost many (browned then dropped off). As I have no south or east windows that are not near steam-heated radiators soon to be utilized, I will move it for the time being to an east facing outside porch in hopes for more flower buds! I fear that with cooler fall weather, however, it will get a lot of inside-outside moving which I thought was a big no-no, but what do you think? Also please let me know if I should do some pruning and should it be inside stems that I eliminate?

At this point, we doubt that pruning will help. Wait until after flowering. Pruning is generally done to promote compactness. According to yet another source, temperature must be no lower than 60oF or higher than 65oF for proper and profuse bud formation. Below 60oF buds develop malformed and above 65oF leaf growth is profuse and buds shed. vw