Planting near a black walnut tree

Asked September 25, 2016, 10:12 PM EDT

Hi. 2 years ago a black walnut tree was removed from my neighbor's year, just over the fence from my yard. I'd like to plant a new tree in the corner where it was (approx.) How long do I need to wait because of the black walnut's toxicity to many plants? I am thinking I would like to plant a lilac tree or a blooming cherry/crab apple. I'm also ready to put new perennials in the flower bed that was closest to the tree, am I safe to do that as well? Please advise.

Hennepin County Minnesota black walnut tree horticulture

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The juglone will remain in the soil until all the roots have decayed, a matter of several years. However, there are plants that a resistant which may work for you. Here is a list: and page 36 of this publication