Container Grown Ornamental Grasses

Asked September 25, 2016, 6:40 PM EDT

I'm wanting to create a plant screen with tall ornamental grasses, minimum of 5' height. My location in Denver gets full sun with South and West exposure. Also I need to plant in containers. I see a lot of Pampas grass around town and have read about Blue Switch grass and Big Bluestem. Are any of these appropriate? Thank you, Richard Farrell

Denver County Colorado

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The Plume Grass that is hardy in the Denver area is Saccharum ravennae, a different genus than the plume grass that grows in warmer locations. It grows really big, like 8' - 12'. Switch Grasses don't get as tall and are slimmer, so the Plume Grass would make a more solid wall and may be a better screen depending on the look you want.

Bluestem (Andropogon gerardii) will get between 4'-6' but it is more straggly and tends to topple over so it might be problematic used as a screen.

Here's a link to a fact sheet from CSU on Ornamental Grasses: