Help with indoor plants and ficus trees

Asked September 24, 2016, 8:28 PM EDT

I have a unique home that has 10 large windows with 7 ficus trees inside that cannot be turned and need to be pruned desperately - Would you have an idea who I can contact who knows houseplants and good pruning techniques that I can work with to prune these trees so they don't lean on my windows?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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As you have experienced, Ficus benjamina, weeping figs, will grow quite large without pruning. Fortunately they take well to pruning, even severe pruning, and you can't do too much harm. The following has information on pruning them:

When you prune they will ooze a white sap, so you may want to put a couple of layers of newspaper below them for a couple of hours or until you see the ends have sealed.

If you are interested in getting help with this you may want to call a garden center as some do houseplant maintenance, but they are easy to prune with a sharp pair of pruning shears. Just cut right above the spot that any leaf starts.

You may want to see if there is a way to rotate the plants after pruning for a more balanced look. They will continue to grow prolifically, especially on the window side. They won't harm the windows.