Can you tell me what this is?

Asked September 24, 2016, 5:56 PM EDT

This tree has multiple blossoming layers. As summer turns to fall the blossoms take on a new look. Each layer of blossoms comes out of the previous blossom.

Marion County Oregon

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Thank you for attaching the excellent images. They clearly display the interesting flowers of the harlequin glorybower tree, which also goes by the name peanut butter tree, a reference to the fragrance released by the leaves when they’re bruised or lightly crushed. The botanic name is Clerodendrum trichotomum. The tree will have still another showy stage when the blue seedpods develop in the center of the red calyces.

Glorybower trees are native to Asia and are marginally hardy here in the northwest. Sometimes an early fall frost will kill the flower buds. See