Corn snakes

Asked September 24, 2016, 3:08 PM EDT

I have 3 corn snakes. Two share a tank, one being 2.5 foot and the other being 3 foot. My third snake is around 4 and a half foot but her tank is full of condensation and was wondering if it would be safe to put her in the tank with the others. The tank is around 4 feet.

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Thank you for your question. Putting multiple snakes in one enclosure is generally not recommended, unless you are putting a male and female together to breed. There are several reasons for not housing snakes together: (1) If there are health problems, for example diarrhea or repeated food regurgitation, it makes it hard to determine which snake is having the problem. Also if one snake is sick, and the disease is contagious, it makes it easier to transmit the disease to other snakes, if they are housed in the same enclosure; (2) Housing snakes together may stress them and cause them to stop feeding and affect their overall health; (3) Feeding snakes together is never a good idea. Eventually you will have a situation where two snakes go after the same mouse. If they each start at opposite ends, it's possible for the larger snake to swallow the smaller cage mate.

You didn't mention why the tank is full of condensation, but if you can correct that condition, I would recommend leaving the larger snake in a separate tank.

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