iris foliage diseases

Asked September 24, 2016, 2:55 PM EDT

Are there any ways to control the foliage diseases that constantly attack my irises ? I can completely clean up the bed and cut off the diseased foliage and within a couple of weeks it will be looking ragged again. I have tried a systemic fungicide that helped only a little. One grower advised me to learn to live with it !

Washington County Oregon

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Thanks for your iris question. I'm not sure what foliage problems you have, and irises (especially bearded irises) can have many causes of plant problems. Sometimes, it appears to be a foliage issue, but the problem is really at the root level. This is a very thorough article about 4 diseases that plague these plants. You'll have to check the rhizomes to see of that's where the damage is really starting.

Good luck!